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Download Latest Error Free Solutions for Class 10 ICSE BOARD Physics Book By Selina Publishers.

All the Solutions are Latest and Follow the ICSE Board Step Marking for 2018-19 Session. No Frustrating Login or Signup is Required to Download the Solutions. Just Click the Link and You can Download the Solution in a new Link After viewing the Chapter.

We At Crackntse recommend Concise Physics for Class 10 ICSE Board Preparation. You can easily Score Full marks In Physics By Following this Book. 

icse selina class 10 physics

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ICSE Board Class 10 Physics Solution for Selina Publisher’s Book Concise Physics– Free Chapterwise PDF Download

Chapter No Chapter Name Download Link
1 Force PDF Download
2 Work, Energy and Power PDF Download
3 Machines PDF Download
4 Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces PDF Download
5 Refraction through a Lens PDF Download
6 Spectrum PDF Download
7 Sound PDF Download
8 Current Electricity PDF Download
9 Household Circuits PDF Download
10 Electro-Magnetism PDF Download
11 Calorimetry  PDF Download
12 Radioactivity PDF Download

Class 10 is An Important and Career Deciding Class for All the Students No matter Whether You Are From ICSE Board or CBSE Board. Students Fear Physics But Physics is a beautiful Subject and Can be easily prepared with little time to prepare. You Can Score Very Good Marks In Physics If Your Strategy Is Good.

Sometimes Students may get Scared from Physics But We can assure You that with proper planning and Strategy You can score 100 Percent Marks In ICSE CLASS 10 Physics.

Subjectwise Syllabus Of ICSE Class 10 is More than that of CBSE But It can Be Studied with A little more effort. The Best Part of the Syllabus is that It covers Some Topics Which are in Class 11th and are asked in NTSE Examination in Detail.

There is Total 12 Chapter In Class 10 ICSE Physics Studied in Three Units Of 5,5 and 2 Chapters Respectively. Detailed Marking Scheme of Class 10 ICSE Is Given Below.

There will be one paper of two hours duration carrying 80 marks and Internal Assessment of practical work carrying 20 marks.

The paper will be divided into two sections

Section I (40 marks) and Section II (40 marks).
Section I (compulsory) will contain short answer questions on the entire syllabus.
Section II will contain six questions. Candidates will be required to answer any four of these six questions.


No. Subject Name % Marks – External Exam % Marks – Internal Exam
1 Mathematics 80% 20%
2 Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 80% 20%

Physics is a very Concepts based Subject. You may Learn The Theory(Ratta Maar loge) But You will Not be able To get the Numerical Right if You are not having Conceptual Clarity.To score Full Marks You need to have Grasp Over Theory as Well as Numericals.

 Numericals Makes Your Concepts Stronger and develops Your  Conceptual and Problem Solving Skills. If Your Concepts are Clear You can Produce Theory In Exam By Just Remembering the Keywords, In fact, Numericals Help in Learning Theory. If you have understood the Concepts and Solving Numericals You can easily Recall the Solution in the Exam.

Why is Selina A Good Book?

A board Level Book has two Quality

1. Clear Theory Points Explained with detailed Examples

2. Sufficient Practice Material and Unsolved Questions

Selina is a Good Book Many Students have scored Full marks In Physics by Following this book and Solving Last Year Question Papers. We have Observed that many times Questions from Selina are Asked Directly in Final Exams or Questions asked are very similar in nature.

One Plus Point of Book is that it builds a basic understanding of Some Topics which Student encounter in Class  11th and 12th like PRISM And Calorimetry.

It builds a beautiful Physics Foundation for Senior Classes. Some Concepts Which are Not in Class 10 CBSE/NCERT And are asked in NTSE is included in ICSE Board and explained in Selina Very Well.

One main drawback of the book is that All the Questions Except Examples are Unsolved and A student If Stuck cannot do much.

In Schools, Teachers are often Busy and don’t have much time to discuss each Question Therefore Some Students get Frustrated and loose Interest In the Subject.

No Subject is easy or Difficult It is made easy or Difficult by a teacher and can be mastered by sufficient time and hardwork.

we have provided you with solutions so that you can take help from the solutions when you get stuck while solving any questions.

If You don’t like reading PDF files and are concerned about Your eyes You can buy Solutions in hard copy online from here 

Self help to icse Physics Class 10

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Note Regarding using Solutions Book Properly

Many times We have  Observed that Students use the Solutions Book To Complete Homework or Directly Refer the Solutions When Get Stuck.

Always follow the Solutions When You have Attempted the Questions at least 2-3 Times, This will Help You in Building better Concepts and You will Remember Information more Correctly.

Always take this precaution while Referring to the solutions.


Some tips for Scoring full marks in ICSE Class 10 Physics

1. Follow Only one Book

Stick to Only one Book whether it is Selina or Frank ICSE Book. Solve One book Thoroughly and than only refer any other Book. Promise Yourself that You will Only refer other books after Solving Selina or Frank two times.

2.Mastering the Basics

Master the basics of Your Physics By reading the theory and relating it with Real life Situation. You can relate Situations in Physics with Real life examples and imagine the Situation.

This will help you in Imagining the Concepts properly and you will be able to Grasp the Chapters properly. Read the theory again and again.

Have a special focus on the Blue Colour Box of definition In Selina and read and try to understand exceptional points like whether there is any relationship between Optical density and real density of any medium. We will cover this strategy soon.

2. Numericals are Your Friend

Many Students Fear Numericals Because Of Concepts Not learned Properly. If we cannot solve Numericals That means our concepts are not clear.

for Good numerical solving Skills You need to understand the Reason and Theory behind the Concept being asked.

If your Concepts are Stronger You will able to do the numericals In board exams Only 20% numericals are asked but If your aim is to score 100% than You have to Master Numerical Parts. 

For Numerical skill, improvement Start Solving Examples just after reading the Theory and then Solve unsolved Questions  2-3 times. You can always refer to the solutions later.

3. Remember keywords

Keywords are the important Part of Physics definition If you are asked to write a definition of OHM’s LAW And You have Not mentioned At Constant temperature than Your Answer is incorrect and You will not get Full marks in This Particular Question.

Always Learn and master Keywords Used in Exams and Write them in the exam when asked. You can also Underline the Keywords.

4.Last Year Questions

Last year Questions gives You an idea of the Actual Exam level. You Should always Practice Last Year Questions Before Your final exam.

It gives You an idea of the final exam and boost Up Your Confidence. You can buy last year papers from here

5.Clear Diagrams

In physics, Diagrams depicts the Real situations And helps In Problem Solving. While Solving Any Question You can draw and its Diagram This helps In Solving the Questions Properly by Relating It to Real life Concepts.

Always Draw Clear Diagram Marking every force and Physical Quantity. In Ray Diagram Always Mrak the Arrow Otherwise You will Not get Full marks.

6.Proper Revision

Many Students Complain us About Forgetting Formula and Definition In Exam. The Number One Reason for this is lack of Proper Revision. Students Revise Mostly When The Exam Approaches.

This is a very Wrong Approach and You should Revise Frequently. Make Short Notes and Revise them Regularly.Make mind maps ,use flash cards .Create a separate revision Time table.

7.No Writing Practice

You will have a subjective paper in board exam. You need to build up stamina and Speed for Two Hour Long Marathon.

Some Students don’t practice by writing or they do very little practice hence ends up making silly mistakes in the exams due to lack of sufficient practice. To master Physics You will have to do A lot of writing Practice. 

Make whatever mistakes before the exam by writing again and again. this way You will reduce silly mistakes.

8.Selecting the Right Questions to Attempt

Do not leave any chapter while preparing. Physics paper is divided into two sections,

Section I (40 marks) and Section II (40 marks).Section II will contain six questions. Candidates will be required to answer any four of these six questions .choosing the Right Question Helps In Saving Time and Investing Right Effort in Right Question. You Should Always Select Questions to Attempt Smartly.

If There is a Choice Between a numerical Question and a Theoretical Question and You are Running Out Of Time You Should Choose Numerical Question(If You know answers of Both) as If Numerical Question is Right There is 100% Chance that You will Get Full Marks.


The syllabus is Short and Every Chapter is Important.If You are having any Problem in Any Chapter Clear it with Your Teachers.

You can download ICSE Physics Syllabus from here

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Crackntse wishes You Luck for Your Exams.

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