Latest RD Sharma Class 10 Maths Solutions Free PDF Download 2018-2019

Crackntse recommends RD Sharma for Class 10 student for NTSE as well as Board preparation

Class 10 the most important Class For any Student .fear of Boards and ANXIETY to Move forward By Choosing different Streams.

No matter what You choose Commerce or Science You will need maths to excel in Your Further Studies. Maths is the most scoring subject for any class 10 student.

you can download Latest RD Sharma Solutions for class 10 Maths Book Chapterwise in PDF Format for Free.  

All the Solutions available here are latest and Updated For session 2018-2019. RD Sharma follows Latest CBSE /NCERT curriculum for 2018-19 Session.

No Signup or Login is Required to Download the files You just need to click the link and download the solutions by viewing it.

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Download RD SHARMA CLASS 10 Solutions Chapterwise in PDF

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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Free PDF Download for Maths Book

Chapter No Chapter Name  Download Link
1 Real Numbers PDF Download
2 Polynomials PDF Download
3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables PDF Download
4 Triangles PDF Download
5 Trigonometric Ratios PDF Download
6 Trigonometric Identities PDF Download
7 Statistics PDF Download
8 Quadratic Equations PDF Download
9 Arithmetic Progressions PDF Download
10 Circles PDF Download
11 Constructions PDF Download
12 Some Applications of Trigonometry PDF Download
13 Probability PDF Download
14 Coordinate Geometry PDF Download
15 Areas Related to Circles PDF Download
16 Surface Areas and Volumes PDF Download

Links will be updated soon

How to Score 100/100 in Class 1o Maths

Now Government again has changed the rules and switched to Board pattern which was changed into CGPA System .

Now You will get Your Marks and will be an important Criteria for Merit. Maths of Class 10 is Very Interesting and includes Many Topics Which are in continuation of Class 9 Syllabus Like Polynomials Trigonometry and Mensuration .

Some tips to score full marks in class 10 Maths

1. NCERT First 

Solve NCERT and NCERT Exemplar Books Thoroughly before Switching to Any Help Book .marks Important Questions in NCERT And Write them separately.

2. Short Notes

Make Neat Notes of Concepts Explained in the Book or Taught in Your Class. After making detailed Notes write down all the formulas in a separate sheet for daily revisions.

3. Help Book

After Solving NCERT  and NCERT Exemplar  Take any Help Book RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma  and Try Solving It Chapter By Chapter.Mark the Questions Using 1, 2 AND 3 Star for difficulty Levels.

4. Flash Cards

Update your Notes with RD Sharma Or RS Aggarwal Concepts. Write all the important Concepts in Your NoteBook.

5. Last Year Questions

Now You Should Solve Last 10 Year Questions and after Confidently Solving 10 Year Questions practice as many sample paper under 3 Hours for Time Bound Practice.

Some Important Topics for Mathematics

Chapter: Arithmetic Progressions
• Finding the nth term of an Arithmetic Progression
• Finding Sum of n terms of an Arithmetic Progression

Chapter: Coordinate Geometry
• Section Formula K:1 Ratio formula
• Area of a Triangle in a Coordinate Plane using Coordinates Only

Chapter: Some Applications of Trigonometry
• Solving Real-World Problems Involving Heights and Distances 

Chapter: Circles
• Tangents Drawn from an External Point to a Circle (Properties and Numericals)

Chapter: Constructions
• Construction of a Triangle Similar to the Given Triangle
• Construction of Tangents to a Circle from a Point Outside the Circle

Chapter: Areas Related to Circles
• Area of Segment of a Circle
• Area of Combination of Circles and Other Plane Figures

Chapter: Surface Areas and Volumes
• Curved Surface Area of Combination of Solids
• Total Surface Area of Combination of Solids
Volume of Combination of Solids

Chapter: Probability
• Theoretical Probability of Occurrence of Events
• Finding Probability Using Complement of a Known Event

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Crackntse wishes you luck for the examination.

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