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HC Verma Concepts of Physics Solutions

Download Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Solutions Volume 1 and Volume 2 In PDF Form for free.No Login or Signup is Required to Download the Solutions.Solutions are Available In Chapterwise form. Just Click the Link to view and Download the Chapters wise Solutions.


These solutions are Very Useful for Students Preparing For Engineering and Medical (NEET /AIIMS ) Examination. We recommend This Book to Foundation and NTSE/NSEJS and Olympiad exam with Selected Questions.

The Solutions Are Latest and As per Latest 2018-19 Edition Of the Book. Concepts Of Physics By HC Verma is Published By Bharti Bhawan Publisher Which is famous for Error-free High-Quality Books.

We Strongly Recommend this Book for Students Preparing for NTSE, NEET IIT-JEE and Other Senior and Junior Olympiads Examinations

Concepts Of Physics was first published in the Year 1992. It was published as a two-volume set, with each volume roughly covering the physics syllabus of class XI and class XII respectively In Total 47 Chapters.

The book is extensively popular amongst the students preparing for competitive exams like Joint Entrance Examination(JEE), Pre Medical Test(NEET/AIIMS) And Olympiads etc.

The first volume covers mechanics, waves and optics, while the second volume covers thermodynamics, electromagnetism, modern physics and Theory of relativity.

 There are Total Forty-Seven Chapters In the Book In Both Parts Of the Book.

Concepts of Physics Part 1

There are Total 22 Chapters In Concepts of Physics Volume 1

Concepts of Physics HC Verma Part 1

Chapters 1-14: Mechanics

Chapters 15-17: Waves Including Wave optics

Chapters 18-22: Optics

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Concepts of Physics Part 2

There are Total 25 Chapters In Concepts of Physics Volume 2

Concepts of Physics HC Verma Part 2

Chapters 23-28: Heat and Thermodynamics

Chapters 29-40: Electric and Magnetic Phenomena

Chapters 41-47: Modern Physics

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Dr HC VERMA Teaching Physics at IIT KANPUR

Dr HC VERMA Teaching Physics at IIT KANPUR

The First Edition Of the Book Concepts of Physics By Dr HC VERMA Was Published in 1992. Concepts of Physics is The Most Popular Book for IIT-JEE as well as NTSE preparation. It is Probably the best book for Studying Physics In India at School /UG Level.

Verma Sir Wrote the Book When There was No Book Available In Indian Context. That time Students Used To Follow Resnick Halliday and Could not relate with the American Context of the Physical Situation.

Some Best Points of The Book

  • The theory is Written in Very Simple Language  And does not any Very High-Level English to Understand the It. The Examples Given To Make You Understand the Concepts are Very Good and Easy to related and Understand.
Famous monkey problem of hc verma
Famous monkey problem of hc verma


  • The theory is Written By Keeping Indian Context in Mind and Can be Imagined Easily By Students Studying Physics In India. Imagination is Everything In Physics.


  • After Theory Section There is A section On Worked Out Examples. These Numerical Examples Correspond to various thinking levels and often use several concepts introduced in that chapters or even in previous Chapters.


  • The Book has been revised so many times that There is No error and Final Product is an Error free edition.


  • Questions for Short Answers generally touch minute point of Your Understanding.They have great potential to initiate very fruitful discussions.


  • There are Two Sections Of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Namely OBJECTIVE I AND OBJECTIVE II. In OBJECTIVE I Only One Out of Four Option is Correct and In OBJECTIVE II Any Number of Options from One to Four May be Correct. This Helps Students Tackle Questions as per Latest Exam Pattern. The Quality Of OBJECTIVE I And OBJECTIVE II Questions are very Good.


  • Finally, a set of Numerical Problems are Given for Your Practice Answer to these Questions are Also Given. The Numericals are Arranged in Increasing Order of Difficulty level. The Number of Problems Provided is Also Sufficient to Practice each Concept Properly.

This Only book can help you develop Your Interest In Physics and You will start Loving Physics more. Because of All these factors 

We Strongly Recommend This Book for NTSE /NEET as well as JEE preparation. There is a Proper Method to Approach this Book Which we will cover soon in Our Blog .

An Important Note for Students of Physics

If you are downloading HC VERMA Solutions You are Probably A student of Class 9/10/11/12 and Studying for Some Competitive Exam like NTSE/JEE/NEET/AIIMS/KVPY Etc.

Do not See the solutions Immediately If you want to Enjoy the Physics and Really learn it You first Try to solve the Questions first 4-5 Times and then Look at the solutions.

You can watch Interview of HC VERMA Sir with Appurv Gupta On Youtube by Clicking here  

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Crackntse wishes You Luck for Your Exams.

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